YorkBBS was founded in 2002. As the most visited Chinese portals in Canada,


YorkBBS not only has the most members but also has the richest content.


YorkBBS is the number one Chinese portals and the most influential Chinese network media in Canada.


At present, YorkBBS has 550,000 registered members, with its pageview is more than 2,000,000 per day. There are more than 250,000 people visit the website every day. YorkBBS is the biggest network platform in Canada for Chinese Canadians to get the latest news, make friends, organize events, sell the goods and help each other.


At the beginning, YorkBBS was a convenient platform, mainly for the Chinese students in York University to share the thoughts, get the textbook deals, and rent the apartment.


In the past years, YorkBBS professional operating team has been offering the best information for the members, while YorkBBS professional marketing team has been providing the personalized service for the customers, on the principle of interactivity, utility, timeliness, convenience and equality.


Nowadays, There is News Centre, Fashion Channel, Food Channel, House Channel, Auto Channel, Infant care, Used goods, E-mall, Yellowpage and forum in the YorkBBS. The content covers the latest news, basic necessities of life, making friends, goods trades and so on.


YorkBBS members include the overseas students, new immigrants, enterprisers, business elites, investment immigrants, etc. With the trust and support of Chinese Canadians, YorkBBS has become a dynamic Chinese internet community with millions of members, and an essential Chinese internet media for the Chinese Canadians. Without passion and dedication of our members, support and kindness of local Chinese businesses as well as assistance and attention of Chinese community, association and media, YorkBBS cannot gain such great achievements.